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Leaving the School Premises

Students who need to leave School during the morning or afternoon sessions for any reason, for example, to attend a medical appointment, should firstly provide their Tutor or the School Office with a note and secondly, should sign out in the School Office.

Mobile Phones / MP3 Players / Electronic Equipment

We believe that mobile devices such as electronic tablets (like iPads) and smartphones can be a valuable tool to support learning, and we encourage their use throughout the school.

However students should not bring mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods or any hand held consoles to School unless they can be used in the classroom and the student and parent has signed our Acceptable Use Policy.

Lunchtime Arrangements

There is a self-service cafeteria in both Upper and Lower School where a wide range of excellent food is available.  Pupils may bring their own lunch from home but must eat it in the dining room or in allocated “sandwich” rooms.

At Upper School, only students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are permitted to go off site at lunchtime although we would prefer them to use the School cafeteria.  At Lower School, parents are asked to indicate clearly what their wishes are regarding lunch-time arrangements for their child.  These individual preferences will be recorded and we shall do our best to see that they are complied with.

It should be noted by parents that the School cannot assume responsibility for the supervision of students who are off-site at lunchtime.

Travel to School

Students who wish to travel to school by bus should have a Go card, these are pre-paid cards to travel on school buses. For further information about purchasing Go Cards and charges please refer to the Go Cards website.

To download the current bus timetable for St. Ninain’s High School, click here. However please be aware that the timetable is subject to change and any enquiries should be made to the Isle of Man Transport Information line 662525.

Whilst the supervision of the buses is the province of Manx National Transport, the good conduct of our students is a matter which we take seriously.  For this reason, should grounds for complaint arise, the School will support the Company in maintaining good order.  Parents whose children encounter difficulties of any kind are invited to contact Manx National Transport direct on 663366.

Sex Education

Personal & Social Education is provided to each Year group in the School on a weekly basis during the Tutorial Period.  This package includes a comprehensive syllabus of sex education with both the biological facts and the personal and social aspects of relationships being taught and discussed.

We follow the Department of Education’s policy on Sex Education and also have a School Policy statement on the aims and objectives of such education.

The Department of Education’s Life Education Services delivers the majority of the content of the package, supported by departments within the School.  These policies may  be inspected by parents on request.


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