Ks4 Curriculum overview [Class of 2018]

Our school curriculum is a rich and diverse mixture of activities that students experience during their time with us.

School trips, drop down days, cross curricular projects, charity events, performances, clubs, competitions and community projects all contribute, along with subject specific lessons to our complex curriculum.

Key stage 4 Subjects

At Key stage 4 all students on the Isle of Man are required to study a set of core subjects;  they are also expected to take part in games lessons.  To complete their timetable students’ request four other subjects from a list of options.

Core subjects

  • English Language (4 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Mathematics (4 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Religious Studies (2 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Science (6 x 50-minute lessons)

In Science students will study Biology, Physics and Chemistry.  Most students will study “co-ordinated science” which is two GCSEs.  Some students will study “separate sciences” which is three GCSEs.  Some students will study “combined science” which is one GCSE.


  • Games (2 x 50-minutes lessons)

Optional subjects

  • Option 1 (3 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Option 2 (3 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Option 3 (3 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Option 4 (3 x 50-minute lessons)


For each option students will request a subject from a list of available options.

At least one of these option choices will have to be from a suite of computing subjects.


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