Y9 options process overview

A general overview of the options process for Y9 students at SNHS:


In November students are introduced to the variety of courses on offer at KS4 via assemblies. During these “options assemblies” Subject Leader present a brief overview of each of their qualifications.


In January course overviews are available on the school web site. These course overviews provide basic information about the content of course and the skills that will be developed, they also provide links to exam board web sites for further information.


In February “Options Evening” takes place. During the evening parents and students have the opportunity to speak to subject staff to ask questions and gather more information about courses and about the suitability of the course for individuals.


Options evening is followed by “Parents evening” which gives the opportunity for parents to ask any final questions whilst speaking to subject teachers about academic progress in Y9.

All options request forms should be handed in a week after parents evening.


In the summer term, following Easter, option request forms are considered and any issues are resolved.In June confirmation of KS4 subjects that have been allocated will be sent out students and parents.

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